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10 Tips To Help Carers

Updated: May 6, 2020

Being a carer can be both a rewarding and challenging role, even more so during a global pandemic! The work of a carer is often carried out behind closed doors and therefore doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Below are 10 tips To Help Carers as well as links to supportive articles and Youtube videos. The work carers do is of critical importance and these incredibly special people deserve all the support they can get ~ GH

1. Make your mental & physical health a priority as much as possible, for you can only care for someone if you first care for yourself.

2. Seek other carers and supportive organisations for friendship and advice & remember, you are not alone.

3. We all need to lift our spirits occasionally so it is good to do something you enjoy once in a while.

4. Set realistic goals, which can come down to the clothes you wear, the lunch you may prepare or the desire to get out for an evening walk.

5. We all live busy lives but don't forget to ask those you trust for support when you need it.

6. It's human to feel you are sometimes not up to the mark, be gentle with yourself & remember you are doing your best; being a carer means there will be many challenges along the road.

7. It’s okay to sometimes put your needs first; you are a human being not a robot.

8. If at all possible, try to cut back on household chores; do what you can because you can't cover them all.

9. Try to build a structure into your day that helps with prioritising commitments in order to free up some 'me' time, which no doubt is one of the great challenges for any carer.

10. I recommend working on mindfulness, mediation and yoga to help ground you and brighten your mood - even 10 to 15 mins each day can make a world of a difference.

Supportive Articles

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Supportive Videos

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Supportive Organisations

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