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Covid19 & Changing Ireland For The Better

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

UCC colleague and friend, Dr Stephen Onakuse, from the Department of Food Business & Development, writing in the shares some thoughts on how major international crises can turbocharge international, national & local change. Stephen sees opportunities amidst the challanges.

Dr Stephen Onakuse, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Business & Development

& Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods,

Cork University Business School, University College Cork

"Major international crises have a habit of accelerating the pace of change. They expose fault lines in society and exacerbate issues that may have been concealed by feebly constructed social contracts and a false sense of harmony.

While the crisis arising from #Covid19 might yet prove to be no different, we remain fortunate enough to be in a position to control some of the wider social implications arising from the pandemic. However, to do so, we must first recognise that the repercussions of #Covid19 will be unlike anything we have experienced in living memory." 

To read the full article, please visit here

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Dr Stephen Onakuse's UCC Profile Page is available here



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