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Free Online Resources To Help Parents, Children & Young Adults

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This blog post provides a list of free online resources for helping parents, children and young adults during the #Covid19 Outbreak. If you have any suggestions that could help others, then please forward on.

The Department of Education & Skills really has put in a huge effort and has an extensively listed website that covers a whole range of topics, here are just a selection:

  • Guide for Parents on Supporting Children and Young People With Daily Routines (excellent daily tips). Click Here

  • Advice for Young People while Schools are Closed. Click Here

  • Continuity of Guidance Provision. Click Here

  • Distance Learning support for teachers and students. Click Here

  • A series of classic productions of Shakespeare's plays aimed at Leaving and Junior Cert students will broadcast on RTE over the coming weeks. Click Here

Department of Education & Skills webpage available here

Shane Hastings has put together a really good page which lists a huge amount of free online resources by category, highly, highly recommend! Click Here

Google have launched a website to help students with disabilities and distance learning. Click Here

Google have launched 'Teach From Home', a temporary hub for resources and information for teachers. Click Here

Webwise offers parents practical and simple steps to ensure a healthy online balance as well as encouraging safe communication online. Webwise also offer a free downloadable booklet, A Parents' Guide To A Better Internet, which has lots of useful tips. Click Here

SafeFood have an excellent webpage where you can download their 101 'Square Meals' Receipe Book, for free. Click Here

Safefood have a couple of excellent webpages dedicated to safe and healthy eating for families


Link: is Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, for young people. Spunout seeks to educate and inform young people about the importance of holistic wellbeing and how good health can be maintained, both physically and mentally. Click Here

EPIC - The Irish Emigration Museum have launched 'History At Home', which is downloadable from their website and includes puzzles, quizzes and games. Click Here

Creative Ireland & Healthy Ireland have new online resources to engage young people and 'Get Ireland Making' which seek to engage young people and adults in home-based making activities. Click Here

AgriAware has launched ​Incredible Edibles, which is a healthy eating project open it up to all parents to aid in at home learning, while also giving you an opportunity to win some prizes. Click Here

Nala is a charity focused on helping adults with their literacy skills and offers a range of free material that can be downloaded. Click Here

Cork County Council runs TeenTalks online, which has a series of video events on Health & Wellbeing for Teenagers and Adults, as part of the Council's Commnity Support Programme.

Click Here

The Word Health Organisation has a range of free online courses at 'OpenWHO'. Click Here

Barnardos runs a support line which gives advice about setting routines or talking to children abotu Covid19. Trained project workers are available on the parent support line from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. Call: 1800 910 123.

Additional websites (list is not exhaustive) provided by the Department of Education & Skills:



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