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GAA & Local Government Respond To Call

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The GAA, City and Council Councils are responding to the government's clarion call to support the vulnerable ~ GH


Club Together

The Irish government has announced that the GAA, SuperValu & Centra have come together to support the elderly in our communities. The GAA has stated that Club Together aims to capitalise on our unique community spirit, by helping our elderly who do not have family and friends around to support them.To get the new programme up and running, SuperValu, Centra and the GAA are making an urgent appeal to GAA Clubs across the country, to volunteer to be part of Club Together.

GAA clubs are calling on their members to join a local task force to assist the elderly, who are dependent on the goodwill of others for their food shopping needs. GAA clubs will then partner with their local SuperValu or Centra store. GAA Clubs who are interested in giving their time to Club Together, are asked to contact their local SuperValu or Centra store to find out more.

Full article here.

Local Government

Establishment of

Community Support Fora in Each Local Authority

Minister Murphy, wrote to all local authority chief executives last night, requesting that they immediately operationalise the Framework for Local Authority Community Support and put the helplines and support structures in place over the weekend.

Arising from this, the City and County Management Association met early this morning and the Local Authority Community Response Forum will meet in every local authority area to coordinate and ramp up work to help ensure all vulnerable members of our communities affected by these new arrangements are appropriately supported.

Chaired and coordinated by each local authority chief executive the Forum will consist of the HSE, the council, county champions, An Post, Community Welfare Service, An Garda Siochana, other State organisations, charities and other stakeholders. It will lead the co-ordination of #Covid19 community supports and resilience in each area. If a vulnerable person needs to make contact immediately they should ring: 0818 222024.

The following services will be provided:

  • Collection & Delivery – Food, essential household items, fuel, medication in line with guidance

  • Social Isolation, supports, engagement

  • Meals and their delivery

  • Garda-related

  • Other medical/health needs

  • There will be a community support helpline/call centre operating from early morning to late evening, 7 days per week, in every local authority. It will be cross-referenced by the Alone National Helpline.

  • Transport to Community testing centres, Clinical Assessment Hubs, GP and hospital appointments in every area.

  • Detailed communications will follow through the Local Government Management Agency/City and County Management Association nationally and from each local authority through its own channels and local media.

Also worth noting, that 'summer time' will officially begin at 1am Sunday morning when the clocks go forward. The practice of changing the clocks was introduced in 1916 to save energy costs during WWI.

If you are feeling a little stressed or anxious then it is important to remember that that is a perfectly normal human reaction to ongoing events. Such feelings are a sign of your humanity; go with it. During difficult or challenging times, it is worth remembering the stories of people who have faced enormous trials. As the 'stay at home' order kicked-in my mind turned to Anne Frank whose 'home' I visited in Amsterdam. It left a deep impression.

Anne and her family spent 25 months in hiding, 7 months of which were in a secret annex. She couldn't leave the building, didn't have a mobile phone, broadband or Netflix & had the brutal Nazis regime on her family's case. While Anne and most of her family didn't make it, her father did survive to tell her story. Despite Anne Frank's sad end, she is universally remembered for her smile.

As the GAA and local government illustrate, organisations and people are pulling together to look after our most vulnerable citizens, something we should be proud of. Crises bring opportunities for change and we may yet emerge from this one a better country.


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