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International recognition for iconic UCC tree collection

Great news today from UCC, the campus' iconic tree collection has been recognised internationally. According to Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich and Dr Eoin Lettice from the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Environmental Research Institute, UCC has joined some of the leading arboreta in the world after being accredited by a prestigious global accrediting programme.

Photo: Dr Eoin Lettice, School of BEES, UCC (Source: UCC Trees, Twitter)

According to Dr Doyle Prestwich: "To foster best practice the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Programme examines the conservation, maintenance, educational outreach and scientific collaborations of arboreta across the world. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, the Oxford Botanic Garden at the University of Oxford and the Arboretum De Paris are among the arboreta accredited globally by ArbNet, now the 2,500 trees across 42 acres at UCC join this notable list"

Photo: Jean O'Dwyer (Source: UCC Trees, Twitter)

UCC's campus is the most beautiful in Ireland with a stunning combination of old and new buildings nestled amidst wonderfully maintained grounds, which is frequently a source of praise by those of us fortunate to work in such iconic surroundings. The campus is over 170 years old!

Photo: Conn Donovan (Source: UCC Trees, Twitter)

Worth noting the connection the Ancient Celts had with trees. They saw them as combining the forces of nature to create balance and harmony with the leaves reaching for the sky, the roots down into the earth. They saw trees as symbols of perseverance, quiet strength and wisdom - qualities we need in abundance during Covid19.

Hopefully UCC can continue to inspire a green agenda across the City and County especially an increase in tree planting. It is great also that US President-elect Joe Biden has chosen former Secretary of State John Kerry as his Climate Ambassador. John Kerry visited Cork in June 2019 for the Oceans Wealth Summit. UCC and Cork can hopefully continue to play a national and international environmental role and the tree may well be an appropriate symbol for future initiatives, something that would give us all a proud and shared legacy. So please plant trees if you can!


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