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Irish Government Information I #Covid-19

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

27.03.20: Inevitably a third set of measures revealed by the Irish government bringing to a conclusion the 'phased lockdown approach'. RTE announced that a full lockdown is now in place until Easter Sunday (April 14), except for the following circumstances:

  • To travel to and from work for the purposes of work, only where the work is an essential health, social care, or other essential service that cannot be done form home (a list of these will be provided)

  • To shop for food or household goods, or collect a meal

  • To attend medical appointments or collect medicines and other health products

  • For vital family reasons, such a providing care to children, elderly or vulnerable people

  • To take brief, individual physical exercise within 2km of your own home, which may include children from your own household, as long as you adhere to two-metre physical distancing

  • For farming purposes, that is food production and the care of animals

  • All public and private gatherings of any number of people outside a single household or living unit are prohibited

  • A further range of non-essential shops and services will be closed

  • Adult community education centres and local community centres will be shut

  • All visits to hospitals, other residential healthcare settings and prisons are to cease, with specific exceptions on compassionat grouds.

  • All non-essential surgery, health procedures and other non essential health services will be postponed

  • Shielding or cocooning will be introduced fo all those over 70 years of age and specified categories of people who are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19

24.03.20: New measures introduced by the Irish government:

  • Physical distancing restrictions remain in place

  • People should stay home as much as possible, work from home if they can, and only leave home to go to work if there is no alternative

  • Only go to the shops for essential supplies, for medical or dental appointments, to care for others or to take physical exercise

  • Social events or gatherings involving more than 4 people that have not already been cancelled should be cancelled

  • Non-essential indoor visits to other people’s homes should be avoided. Social gatherings of individuals outdoors should be no more than 4, unless from the same household

  • No unnecessary travel should take place within the country or overseas

  • All theatres, gyms, hairdressers, casinos and bingo halls are to close

  • Emergency welfare payment for workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis will increase to €350 per week

  • The Government will also pay 70pc of employee wages up to €410 per week for businesses who are willing to meet the remainder of their staff’s weekly payment

  • Private hospitals will now become public hospitals giving the Irish State an extra 1000 beds and 9 laboratories

  • Emergency legislation is expected before Friday to block evictions and assist renters

The Irish government has professionally handled the communication around #Covid19. The following is the government webpage with some key information grouped under the following headings:

  • Health Advice

  • Travel Advice

  • Ireland's Response to #Covid19

  • Welfare Advice for Employers, Employees & the Self-Employed

- Irish Government Covid19 Webpage here.

- HSE Webpage here.

The National Action Plan is also available to download and there are links to the following:

Government posters have effectively conveyed to the Irish people what they need to do to help contain the spread of #Covid19 also known as the Coronavirus, named as such because the virus is covered in crown like, pointed structures as depicted in the image below.

A depiction of what the Coronavirus (#Covid19) looks like.

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