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10 Tips for the Covid-19 Outbreak...

Below are some tips for the unprecedented situation we all face. Ireland has shown tremendous solidarity, community and organisation. It is clear to me that the government is working off a clear plan and has done a great job to date. Let us continue the good work and make this Ireland's finest hour!


1. Good to have sufficient cash at home in case there are large queues at ATMS or any difficulties with online systems.

2. Wise to get in sufficient coal, wood and other fuel items.

3. Equally wise to have sufficient food for a few weeks, again this is to take pressure off the system in the event of a lockdown but it also saves you the hassle of long queues at supermarkets. Non-perishable goods and tinned food always good.

4. Make sure your petrol tank is full and if there is more than one car in a household, good to ensure they are also full. There should be no problems getting fuel into Ireland plus the country has an ample supply stored up for events like this, but again this simple act could reduce queues at petrol stations.

5. Milk and bread tend to be consumed pretty consistently. Using freezer bags, which you can buy in any supermarket, bread can be stored in the freezer. Condensed or powdererd milk also has longevity. This is also time for those of you who like to bake to stock up, I believe I am getting lessons soon! You can get more into your freezer it you remove items from their packaging and put in freezer bags, you will be amazed when you start doing this how much extra space can be created.

6. Bottles of water, porridge, batteries, firelighters, candles, portable mobile phone chargers, handwash for the car and around the house are all good things to have.

7. Good to identify quieter supermarkets, again means less queues and greater access to items. People tend to go to the one they know well, but this crisis means we've got to get creative with our behaviour.

8. I called to the neighbours just to make sure they had enough supplies in, as it happened they discovered they needed a little more; this simple act can also build a bit of community solidarity.

9. People who have gone through Covid-19 said the symptoms resemble the flu, they recommended having Lemsip, Paracetamol, Vicks Vapour Rub and whiskey and honey - my preference would be Jameson.

10. Finally, family ties, community and social solidarity are more important now than ever. Sticking together as families, communities and a country will help us transition through this situation a lot faster.

It is evident the government is working to a clear plan and many have commented on what a great job is being done in this unprecedented situation. Many of us are extremely impressed at how the vast majority of people are transitioning and adapting their lifestyles and behaviour. Exceptional cooperation and organistion is being displayed on a daily basis.

Let's keep it going and come out a better, wiser and more compassionate country after this situation has passed. I welcome your comments and espeically any tips you may have. Solidarity.

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