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10 Tips for Working From Home

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Working From Home

The #Covid19 outbreak offers us the opportunity to get creative and hopefully find that illusive work-life balance. Striking that balance has never been more important than now. Hopefully the following tips assist in achieving that goal. Feel free to leave your own tips in the comment section below.

Go raibh mhaith agat!

1. Get dressed

Important to keep a routine as similar to the one before the crisis. However tempting it might be for some to chill in a dressing gown, it is more advisable to get up, get washed, get dressed and get organised for the day. Such an approach will greatly help your state mind and hopefully improve your chances of having a productive and positive day.

2. Maintain Regular Hours

They say a balanced life is the one we should aim for. Setting regular hours creates a nice division between work and free time. That sense of structure may also benefit your well-being and give you the feeling that you are actually making a meaningful contribution.

3. Morning Routine

I have a morning routine which is pretty much a ritual at this point. I tend to rise early, have my morning coffee and go about getting organised for the day. I have a set time to be at my desk which I find works for me. I then go through my work routine of checking emails, prioritising tasks and noting items of importance in my work diary.

4. Schedule Breaks

My breaks are at exactly the same times I would normally have at work, a coffee at 11am and lunch at 1pm, again this structure to the day is helpful for planning purposes. I often think of the reason why monks live so long, because they have days that are seriously structured!

5. Keep a Dedicated Work Space

Good to have a place at home which is your dedicated work space. This can be reassuring because you will know where to find work related materials. Another added benefit is that it helps create a professional/private division in the home, which is extremely important to you and to those in your family. Clearly circumstances dictate, but probably best to avoid bringing work to the kitchen or living room if at all possible.

6. Get out and exercise

To sustain this new way of working and living, it is critical to incorporate daily exercise, even if it is just for 30 minutes. Fresh air will boost your immune system enormously!

7. Healthy Diet

Again another obvious one, given we could be at home for the foreseeable future, it is important to watch matters on the diet front. Stock up on plenty of fruit, nuts, vegetables and anything else that is life giving. Again this is all about sustaining yourself over a 2-4 month period so no time like the present to start. Life is a marathon and not a sprint or as the Chinese call it 'the long game'.

8. Mental Health & Wellbeing

There is a mass of material on Youtube and elsewhere that assist good mental health and wellbeing some of which I will posting on this blog over the coming weeks. Maintining good mental health is as important as maintaining good physcial health. The situation we all find ourselves in offers a unique opportunity to listen and read up more on the fasctinating area of positive psychology. Mediation, mindfulness, yoga, grounding and breathing exercises are all highly recommended.

9. Make time for family

Again this may seem so obvious it is hardly worth stating however you'd be amazed at how often it is either taken for granted or over-looked. You can't save the world but you can have an immediate and positive impact on those around you. So keep your perspective and do what you can. Do not be glued to your phone, laptop or PC. Family should always come first. Another positive aspect to this crisis is that we are all going to get to know the people we live with a whole lot more :) Patience still remains a virtue.

10. Take it One Day at a Time

Judging by events and statements, we are probably in this for the long haul, we are easily talking months not weeks. So get organised, get creative and have some fun with the 'new normal' and support yourself and one another as best you can.

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