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One Of The Great Stories From Covid19

The story of Captain Thomas Moore, who at 99 years of age has completed 100 laps of his garden in order to raise money for the NHS, is most definitely one of them. Captain Moore initially set out to raise £1000 but on his JustGiving Page this evening he is close to raising £16 million, a lot of which will be used to provide much needed counselling and support for NHS staff who have been through so many life-changing experiences.

I think this story is brilliant on so many levels and shows what can be achieved by anyone and at any age. Captain Moore has inspired others including Ms. Margaret Payne in Scotland, who at aged 90, has planned to make 282 trips up and down the stairs to also raise money for the NHS, which is the equivlaent of climbing a 2,398ft mountain.

These stories reflect the power, spirit and life-energy of these remarkable people. Imagine if Captain Moore had resigned himself to not being able to make a contribution in the face of the #Covid19 Outbreak!

Worth pointing out that older people are too often written out of our youth obsessed culture. They have a wealth of knowledge and insight that could help many a younger person navigate life's highs and lows. It is great to see another group of 'forgotten people' just like the cleaners, the supermarket workers and truck drivers taking centre stage in the great global struggle against the Covid19 outbreak.

The Coronavirus is teaching us so many things and I expect there are more than a few lessons yet to come. Clearly today's lesson is that it is never too late to make a difference!

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