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Positive News Bulletin

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Some of the positive developments in the battle against Covid-19.

24.03.20: Jamie Oliver finally shows us mere mortals how to cook good food using the most simplest techniques, Keep Cooking & Carry On is available here.

24.03.20: Cork County Council has taken a number of measures to ensure the continued delivery of services in the interests of staff and public health. Queries continue to be taken by telephone on 021 4276891, by post and by email. General information on Cork County Council services can be found by visiting here.

24.03.20: Irish national broadcaster, RTE, will soon establish a Coronavirus panel of experts to answer your questions, in the meantime they have a Podcast available here.

24.03.20: Emergency welfare payment for workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis will increase to €350 per week. The Government will also pay 70% of employee wages up to €410 per week for businesses who are willing to meet the remainder of their staffs weekly payment.

21.03.20: The Danish and Portuguese governments have introduced policies preventing people from being laid off. These governments will pay 75% of employees' salaries with companies encouraged to make up the remaining 25%.

21.03.20: Every home in Ireland is to receive a Covid-19 Information Booklet next week while An Post will be dropping postcards to homes that you can send anywhere in Ireland for free.

20.03.20: Employees working from home in Ireland can avail of Revenue e-worker tax relief. Employees can be reimbursed for work-related expenses. These include heating, electricity and perhaps broadband expenses.

19.03.20: The AlibabaGroup, one of China's largest companies, is flying much needed medical supplies as a gift from China to Ireland. Well done to all concerned!

19.03.20: In the US, the first company has announced an upcoming home Covid-19 test kit, which could transform the battle against the disease. #Everlywell, a home testing company that offers different lab tests to consumers has said it will be adding a Covid-19 test on 23 March. Everlywell is based in Austin, Texas. Well done to them!

19.03.20: The makers of Jameson and Powers whiskey are converting production to make alcohol gel for the Irish health service, "Production will commence immediately with end product being delivered to the HSE's supply centre thereafter for distribution to hospitals". Excellent news!

18.03.20: Remarkably, over 20,000 (now 50,000 as of 21.03.20) Irish healthcare professionals have responded to the Irish government's global healthcare recruitment campaign 'Be on Call for Ireland'. These remarkable people have stated their wish to come out of retirement or return from overseas to help save lives at home. Tremendous development!

18.03.20: The Irish government announces a 3 month 'payment break' on mortgage payments for those impacted by Covid-19. The Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohue, stated that the measure begins immediately. Customers wishing to avail of a payment break should contact their respective bank from tomorrow. Banks will also defer court proceedings for three months. Much needed response, hopefully renters get a break as well!

18.03.20: The Irish Revenue Commissioners confirmed this evening that the duty of €30 per year per credit card account would now be levied on 1 July, three months after the legislated date of 1 April. It added that individual credit card account holders did not need to take any action as the collection date would be changed automatically by financial institutions. Nice touch from the Revenue, not normally known for giving money back!

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